Steven J. Griffin, Sr.


Steven has over 30 years of construction management experience on diverse projects. At 20 years of age, Steven became one of the youngest persons ever to be issued through examination process, the Florida General Contractors License. This license allows for the construction of any size building, anywhere in Florida. Steven is licensed in Florida, San Marcos Texas, and holds the International Building Code Council (IBCC) National Standards Building Contractor License. Steven has held construction management positions of increasing responsibility on projects such as the $25 Million American Rice Inc., Rough Rice Storage and Processing Facility in Freeport Texas, the $25 Million New Passenger Terminal for Lake Charles Regional Airport, the $51 million Student Housing Project “The Capstone Cottages of San Marcos, the $71 million Student Housing Project “The Cottages of College Station”,  the $300 Million Orlando School District Immediate Needs Project involving the renovation of 145 separate school campuses in Orlando, the $325 Million Houston Light Rail Project (Line Section 5 – Downtown) which brought Steven to Houston Texas.

During Steven’s 3 years in Afghanistan he was responsible for the following projects: the $45 Million Afghanistan Air Force Academy in Shindand Afghanistan, the $25 Million Afghanistan Border Patrol Headquarters in Lashkar Gar, Afghanistan, the $30 Million Afghanistan National Police Recruiting Centers in Mazar-i-Sharif, Helman Providence and Baghlan, the $25 Million Afghanistan National Army Headquarters in Marjah, Afghanistan. In addition to over 30 projects in Eastern Afghanistan on large and small Nato bases working out of Forward Operating Base Fenty in Jalalabad Afghanistan, consisting of a chapel, barracks, metal supply / storage buildings, helicopter landing pads, guard towers, medical aid facilities, flood and drainage culverts, airfield landing and taxiways, power generation plants, fuel storage and fueling facilities, flight simulators for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, multiple aircraft hangers, and the Jalalabad civilian airport terminal renovation project.

Later in his career, working for the international engineering firm STV Group, he was assigned to the Houston Light Rail Project. As this 2 year project was nearing completion Steven met Mary Constant. They fell in love on a semi-developed island in Exuma Bahamas and returned a year later with 40 friends and family for a week long wedding beach party. A year later, Exuma Construction and Development was formed.

Mary Constant

Executive Vice President

Mary has worked along her husband Steven over the past 10 years building Exuma Construction and Development. With over 20 years experience as a Team Building – Ropes Course Manager with Fort Bend ISD, brings a unique ability to achieve client satisfaction. Mary’s team building experience helps build high performance and production among our subcontractors. Mary is nationally recognized as a leading expert in Team Building Activities and has presented at National and International Conferences. .