Well Developed Plans and Specifications are critical to successful projects

All of us can remember a time when we needed to “put something together”. In our haste, we started putting the parts together, without reading the instructions.

Only to reach the end of putting together the new ‘thing’.. to realize that somehow we have a few screws or a part or two, left over.

Construction of a building is very similar. Very well prepared blueprints are critical to the successful completion of the building. The Architect needs to start with a concept (your idea), and then put it on paper. All with the correct measurements, correct placement of windows, doors and features. Then the structural engineer needs to take this drawing and add the foundation and structural components to the drawings, utilizing structural engineering principals and practices. Then the Mechanical engineer adds the ductwork and heating/air conditioning to the drawing, showing the proper location for the ductwork and vents. The Electrical engineer then adds to the plans, the electrical components, showing wiring size and placement, light fixtures and electrical controls.

If the plans, project specifications are not complete and well defined, confusion results. This leads to increased RFI’s and often change orders which can increase construction costs. When everything is spelled out in advance of construction, a more accurate bid / estimate can be obtained.

Projects that are successful, are the result of a great deal of planning. Not only the planning of how to build a project, but also the planning of when each subcontractor needs to arrive on site. In addition, some construction products and/or equipment have long lead times, meaning they have to be ordered many weeks or months in advance to allow for the item to be manufactured and delivered to the site, in time.

Exuma Construction and Development has the experience, ability and skills needed to deliver your project, on-time and within budget.

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